Brookeborough Raid

We hear of the political and border campaign from 1955-1998.

On January 1st 1957, Brookborough police station was attacked by Republicans. We retrace the retreat of the Republicans Sean South, born in County Limerick and Fergal O’Hanlon of County Monaghan. They both died after a raid on the Brookeborough Police barracks.

… we visit the roadside memorial at Altawark in Moan’s Cross, in a remote desolate part of the Carnmore Mountains and listen to the popular rebel song ‘Sean South of Garryowen’. Up to 50,000 people attended the funerals of both South and O’Hanlon such was the strong emotional outcry among the general public. A popular rebel song ‘Sean South of Garryowen’ tells the story of the Brookeborough Raid in 1957, inspired and written by Sean Costelloe, it was made famous by the critically acclaimed Irish music and ballad group, the Wolfe Tones, an Irish rebel music band who incorporate elements of Irish traditional music in their songs. The popularity of this song has led to the misconception that South was from Garryowen, a suburb in Limerick when South was actually from Henry Street in Limerick city.

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